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Catholic Schools

The Diocese of Providence sponsors 58 Catholic elementary and secondary schools, serving more than 17,000 students in grades Pre-K to 12. 

Catholic schools emphasize Christian values and academic excellence in small school communities.  All Catholic schools are required to be independently accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. 


For more information call 401-278-4550, email or visit us at

Saint Philip School ............... 949-1130

618 Putnam Pike, Greenville

We are a Roman Catholic School for children ages 3 years through 8th grade.  In striving to educate the whole child,

everything that we do is based on our faith and Christian values.  Academic excellence is a priority at Saint Philip School,

where our multi-sensory teaching approach incorporates all learning styles. Differentiated instruction within our classrooms

allows for all children to grow to their individual potential and to become independent, critical thinkers.  The incorporation

of technology, along with numerous other educational best practices, keeps our teachers and students at the forefront of

modern educational theory.  Our school community aims to live in a Christ-like manner as we focus on using our God-given

gifts in service to others throughout our daily lives.

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