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RI Environmental Education Groups                   

Acopia Harvest ............... 481-5578

708 Broad St., Central Falls

Acopia Harvest is a Rhode Island- based sustainable technology company that specializes in hydroponics and alternate methods of food production. Its mission is to introduce affordable, manageable, and sustainable hydroponics systems in schools, homes and businesses nationally and internationally to secure a source of food supply for current and future generations. Their Project Sprout program, developed by Director of Operations Amy Chauvin, educates children, adults and communities about sustainability and overall food sovereignty. In conjunction with STEM curriculum, the program expands on agriculture, nutrition, water management, plumbing, electricity and finances among others through the use of Acopia's Green Machine®, an educational hydroponic growing system. For more information, please visit


The Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living ............... 228-7930

519 Atwells Ave., Providence

The mission of Apeiron is to create ecologically healthy communities by bringing sustainable living practices from around the world to South-eastern New England.


Audubon Society of RI ............... 949-5454    

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island has 15 wildlife refuges around the state that are open to the public for outdoor enjoyment.  Each refuge is unique with diverse habitats and miles of trails for hiking and wildlife viewing.  Each season, Audubon offers a variety of

programs for families of all ages  – from guided nature walks to preschool story hours to live animal presentations – there is something for everyone.    Audubon also brings science and nature to classrooms around the state.  There are a variety of educational programs that support classroom lessons with hands-on learning. Be sure to check out the Audubon Environmental Education Center on Hope Street in Bristol.


Blackstone Valley Tourism Council ............... 724-2200

175 Main St., Pawtucket

The mission of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council is sustainable tourism. This is accomplished through a variety of programs like Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful and the Riverboat Explorer on the Blackstone River.


Environment Council of Rhode Island ............... 621-8048

1192 Westminster St., Providence

The Environment Council of Rhode Island is a coalition of organizations and individuals whose mission is to serve as an effective voice for developing and advocating policies and laws that protect and enhance Rhode Island's environment.


Environmental Justice League of RI (RIEEA)

The Environmental Justice (EJ) League is a non-profit organization led by Rhode Island residents who care deeply about our neighborhoods, the health of our children and ourselves, and who have come together to improve the environments where we live, work, and play. EJ combines civil and human rights issues with environmental issues. Communities of color and those with lower incomes deal with a greater share of environmental hazards than other communities and don’t enjoy the same environmental benefits. The EJ League offers afterschool programs and the summer Community Environmental College program for high school students as well as various opportunities for community members to learn about environmental problems and implement changes in the city of Providence.


The Nature Conservancy ............... 331-7110

Dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered plants, animals, and natural communities, usually through acquisition of land. Additionally, they own and manage several Rhode Island preserves.


RI Environmental Education Center

RIEEA is a collaborative network of individuals and organizations committed to environmental education. We work to promote high-quality outdoor learning experiences through our online resource guide, professional development events and scholarships, networking opportunities, and much more.


Roger Williams Park Zoo

~Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots ............... 785-3510 ext. 358

Roots and Shoots is an exciting program founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1991. Its mission is to guide young people in taking action on issues that they feel are important. Care and concern for the human community, the environment and animals are the goals of the activities at each meeting. These activities will help young people develop self-respect, confidence, and a hope for the future. The Zoo offers programs for 9 – 12 year olds and another for 13 – 17 year olds.

Online registration is required. Details at

~FrogWatch USA…785-3510 ext. 358

Be a FrogWatcher! Amphibian species are disappearing at an alarming rate across the globe due to a number of factors. You and your family can become citizen scientists and help to save frog species right here in New England. Attend one, two-hour training to learn all you need to know to engage your family in this exciting opportunity. Details at


Save The Bay ............... 272-3540

100 Save The Bay Dr., Providence

Save The Bay is Rhode Island’s largest non-profit, member-based organization working on behalf of Narragansett Bay. Since 1970, we have been protecting and improving Narragansett Bay through hands-on educational programs for schoolchildren and the community, advocacy for legislation and enforcement of environmental protection laws, and habitat restoration. We offer boat-based lighthouse and seal tours, trips to Prudence Island, and boat charters. We operate the family-friendly waterfront Exploration Center and Aquarium in Newport, with three touch tanks and more than 140 local species of marine life on display, and a smaller, but similar, South Coast Center in Westerly. And we host Summer BayCamps for children in kindergarten through high school. Whether you're a child discovering the Bay for the first time, a life-long Rhode Islander, or a weekend tourist with a few hours to spare, Save The Bay gives you the chance to experience Narragansett Bay as a living classroom.


Sierra Club ............... 1-740-4QUAHOG

42 Rice St., Providence

Working in communities across America to protect the places we live and the places we love from pollution, overdevelopment and destructive environmental policies.


University of Rhode Island Environmental Education Center ............... 874-8200

W. Alton Jones Campus, 401 Victory Highway, W. Greenwich

The natural environment is what Alton Jones is all about!  Spend your summer or class field trip in a 2,300-acre wilderness preserve that doubles as an exciting world full of adventure.  Alton Jones Camp has summer Day Camps, over-night Earth Camp, and Teen Expeditions   for ages 5-17.  Includes marine science, climbing, ecology, night camp, outdoor skills, rafting, farming, surfing, canoeing, and kayaking.  School year 1-5 day residential field trips for primary or secondary classes.  Weekend facility rentals.

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