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Before you say, “NO WAY!”, find out more.  Your  local school department is also available for more information.



PO Box 1151, Coventry

ENRICHri is a secular homeschooling group in RI and Southern New England that offers over 300 field trips,seminars, social gatherings and classes per year.


Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers (RIGHT) ............... 996-5991

RIGHT offers support, group activities, legal defense and special state-wide events such as Promotion ceremony, field trips, parties, curriculum fairs, competitions, exhibitions, and more.  Chapters are located throughout the state. 


Home Education and Family Services ............... 207-657-2800

P.O. Box 1056, Gray, ME 04039

Offers support to parents and homeschooling families in their efforts to "train for excellence."


Home Educators Resource Directory





245 Manton Street, Pawtucket.

RICHES is a Christian homeschool organization whose aim is to reclaim the lost educational heritage of our land. Follow us on Facebook!

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