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Spring is here and with that comes nice weather, lighter clothing and some exciting times for teenagers - Prom and spring break! If you're looking forward to these exciting momentous occassions (OR you're the parent of someone who is looking forward to these momentous occasions), we wanted to offer some advice and tips on CONSENT.

Andrea Barrica, the Founder of, a judgment-free media platform where people can learn about sexuality, sexual health, power, and confidence, has these tips:

  • Many spring break destinations encourage hook up culture, but know that you have every right to say no. Just becuase you're flirthing of dancing with someone does not give them the right to take it any further than what YOU'RE comfortable with. Consent for one thing does not mean consent for all things.

  • There are times when consent can be tricky - when you're dealing with someone who is intoxicated, or in an emotional state where they don't fully understand the implications of consent. In cases where it's unclear if your potential partner is able to give consent, take extra time to ask questions and assess the situation. If you're still not sure - DO NOT engage in sexual activity with them.

  • Just because it's Prom season does not mean that expectations in a relationship should be different. You never have to do anything differently the night of Prom

  • The best time to broach the conversation is BEFORE any kind of sexy time starts to happen. Why? Many factors - runaway hormones, worrying about what your partner might think, social scripts that tell us once we start we have to keep going - can make it more challenging to stop or slow things down once they get started.

  • Say what you are up for! It's isn't only about getting consent - it's about giving it. It's equally important to share with your partner your boundaries, likes and dislikes. Be sure to give them clear and enthusiastic yes when you want them to continue and be firm and clear in communicating your no's when you want things to stop or slow down.

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